Lake Cuber

The Cuber is one of two reservoirs on Mallorca, they are the water supplies for Palma, so rain in winter is very important. February 2020

Lake Gorg Blau

This photo was made from nearly the same point as the picture from February 2020, but it was take end of Summer. September 2018

Puig Major

It is the highest Mountain on the Balearic Islands and it is restricted military area, On Top is a Nato radar station. February 2020

Mountain Donkey

After we finished a hiking tour we saw this donkey and he was a Diva and wait until we finished the donkey shooting. February 2020

Cuber and Puig Major

The radar station is a striking point in tramuntana which you can also see from many points on Mallorca. February 2020

Torrent de Coanegra

Mallorca didnĀ“t have any natural river or else only dry torrents, this one was shot 2 days after heavy rain. October 2019

Lake Gorg Blau

Gorg Blau is the second reservoir on Mallorca and bigger than the Cuber. Both lakes are great hot spots for Hiking. February 2020

Torrent de Pareis

This shot of the Canyon "Torrent de Pareis" was also shot after heavy rain. This is one of the largest Canyon in Europe. September 2019